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An ethical acquisition campaign 


Boost your sales by doing a good deed!

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New active and committed customers

A brand new concept of online acquisition, allowing the company to assert its brand value and recruit customers from the audiences of dozens of charities with ease.

Get new customers through charities

The average person gives 0.2% of their income per year to charity, but not everyone is a philanthropist. Cherry DEAL offers companies a new way to introduce their products and services to new customers, by exchanging a donation for a voucher.

Our network of charity partners invite their donors to make a donation on our platform.

Immediately after their DONATION, donors receive a VOUCHER to your business.

Unexpected business benefits

A lever of commitment

Out of a sample of 10,000 customers, 35% who ordered with Cherry Checkout ordered at least a second time.

Gain visibility

A community of more than 45'000 online buyers on our sites, by e-mailing and our actions on social networks.

An ethical approach

Consumers have a more positive image (93%), have more confidence (90%) and are more loyal (88%) to companies integrating a CSR approach.

Customer lifetime value

Extend Customer Life Value, 
customers who have obtained a voucher by doing a good deed are more committed. 


France strategy observed a 13% performance gain for a company visibly introducing CSR.

Charity Sharing

The best way to reach the databases of millions of donors with our partner charities.

One default association and more than 50 associations share your Cherry DEAL!

When creating your Cherry DEAL, you choose a default association. Subject to its acceptance, we will publish your deal and share it with all the associations in our network. They then engage in a communication battle to collect donations by sharing your deal.

Click on the associations' logos to see how sharing works.

Get the customers data

You receive customer data transparently. Not only does the Cherry DEAL give you the visibility you are looking for through the association network, but you also keep control of your new customers. Unlike many online offer sites, we provide a discount in the form of a gift code, which obliges the purchase and data transfer to your e-commerce site or store.

10 minutes for maximum impact 

1. Create your offer

You create the offer for your brand, product or service by filling out the form below. Whether online or in a physical store, we distribute your own gift codes.

2. Choose your charity

Each offer is highlighted with a default charity, although each charity can broadcast the same Cherry DEAL at the same time in their network.

3. Launch your offer

We distribute your offer by e-mail to our more than 40'000 donors and our charity network shares your Cherry DEAL in order to obtain new donors.

Make your CSR plan a reality and contribute to your turnover. Cherry Checkout gives you the opportunity to acquire already active and committed consumers. Check already 3 prerequisites out of 6 to obtain the validation of the ISO 26000 standard.

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